Happy California Babymooners

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Wei-ting and BaptisteHi Cindy,
We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful day we spent with you last weekend! Baptiste and I loved every minute of it and have been practicing the techniques (massage, breathing, meditation) we learned from you since.
I would love for more people to learn from you! We hope to see you again soon so you can meet our little one. We totally agree – getaways are important!    

- Wei-ting and Baptiste

Marcelino & TheresaHello Cindy,
Thank you so much for a wonderful time. We enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. We will always remember that weekend.    

- Theresa & Marcelino

My wife and I had a wonderful experience of Cindy’s classic baby moon package today. She is extremely knowledgeable, warm and a pleasant personality. She is very informative and her everyday relaxation techniques seem simple yet extremely effective. My wife got the best prenatal massage and would highly recommend it to any couple who is looking to relax, ease out their stress and recharge themselves as they return back to their day-to-day life. Thank you Cindy!    

- Vikram J.  

THANK YOU Cindy!!!! THE MOST PERFECT BABYMOON!!! Ben and I had the most amazing weekend, you made it really really special for us. We appreciate all of the advice and little things you did for us. You are so awesome! I can’t thank you enough, we really enjoyed our time together and you totally helped us to relax and enjoy it even more. The lodge was perfect and ahhh the massage was amazing, the best I’ve ever had! The snacks, the relaxation session, all of it. Everything was perfect! So glad we found you Cindy!! I will definitely keep in touch :) Take care & thanks again!!!!!!  

Melissa & Ben Landis (baby Wesley)            

Babymoon California, View From Balcony Photo - Mellow Mommy

View from Balcony

Babymoon Timber Cove Inn, Sunset Photo - Mellow Mommy

Sunset on Babymoon

Scott and I took a quick get-away mostly for my birthday, which is today, but also for one last trip just the two of us before life changes forever.  We headed to the coast near Jenner, a place called Timber Cove.  The weather was perfect driving up there, and Scott and I had never even traveled that far up the coast so it was a new experience for both of us.  We stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Timber Cove Inn right on the bluffs overlooking the ocean.  To our surprise we were upgraded to an oceanview King suite with a fireplace and huge jacuzzi tub, it was the perfect place to unwind and relax. What had influenced my decision to travel here was a Babymoon package the hotel offered which included couples massages, complimentary breakfast and a late check-out….they had me at couples massage!  A little while after arriving and getting settled into our room we heard a knock on the door, it was Cindy with Mellow Mommy.  She was here to give us our massages, and I couldn’t be more excited and happy to see her.  My pregnancy has been going very well, can’t complain about too much other than my whole body aches constantly, especially my back. Scott let me go first and let me just say, Cindy was amazing!  Between listening to the waves crash and her rubbing out all of my tension and stress, it was definitely what I needed.

Private Babymoon, California, Hotel Room Picture - Mellow Mommy

California Babymoon

Sonoma Babymoon, Scenic View Picture - Mellow Mommy

Babymoon Scenic View

For any expecting couple looking for a get-away before your baby comes, I highly recommend taking a babymoon! It was just what Scott and I needed, we were able to relax and just enjoy each other, because I’m sure once our little Evan is born life is going to become a bit crazy and fun but we won’t have many opportunities to just get out of town just the two of us.




Emelie’s sister, Baby Milla

California Babymoon Vacation, Baby Emelie Photo - Mellow Mommy

Baby Emelie

My husband and I had such a wonderful time in Jenner with you at the Mellow Mommy! And that is where we decided on the name Emelie, such a beautiful memory!


We didn’t tell anyone the name until she was born. It felt very special for us that way. She turned 3 months yesterday and things are going great!


She is such a mellow baby and I do think that me being calm and mellow, doing yoga and such during my pregnancy has something to do it.


Good luck with everything! And thank you again.




Baby Hannah

My husband and I booked Mellow Mommy for a private babymoon two weekends ago. It was wonderful. Extremely relaxing! 

The hotel was private and gorgeous and Cindy helped us relax easily by showing us tips for connecting with each other. We both received excellent massages from her the next day. Her openness and generosity made it a weekend to remember. 

Mellow Mommy babymoon was a wonderful experience and is highly recommended!

- R.K.


Baby Claire

My husband and I are expecting our first baby on May 8th and we wanted to take a weekend trip for a quick get away. After a little research on my husband’s part, we found Mellow Mommy. The entire experience was WONDERFUL! We booked a private session, but she also does group sessions.


Once we flew into San Francisco, we took a wonderful scenic drive to TimberCove, CA (recommended by Cindy). We drove through several wineries, then through red wood trees and quaint villiages, and finally along the coast to the hotel. Once we got to Timbercove Inn, Cindy was there waiting. She had already checked us in. When we got to the room, it was set up with the fire place on, a basket of goodies (best bread I’ve ever had) and a place to do the relaxation seminar.


During the short seminar, she taught me and my husband how to relax through breathing. Then she showed us some massage techniques for eachother. It was great! She also gave us a book to reference to with pictures of the massages.

Happy Mom to Be on Babymoon

The next day we were free to explore. She also gave me a prenatal massage (my husband paid extra for a massage too). This was wonderful and much needed after doing some walking along the beautiful coastline all morning.


The three day weekend is one that I will always remember. It was a time for my husband and I to reconnect and take time to enjoy our first pregnancy together. I would recommend this vacation to any couple who is having a baby. Cindy is knowledgable and she related to us so well.


We can’t wait to visit Timbercove again!!!

- J.M.

Hi Cindy,

Just wanted to thank you for everything and let you know that we had a truly WONDERFUL time! It was lovely meeting you and we really got a lot out of the workshop. We’re so glad we took the time to have a little getaway for ourselves and going with the Babymoon really made it that much more special and relaxing. Thank you so very much!!

Please take good care, and we’ll be in touch with baby news!

All the best,

Hi Cindy!

Thank you for an amazing weekend! It was great to get away from our daily routine and just be us for a few days. It was very relaxing and the views were beautiful! Attached is a picture of us during the sunset on our first night, pretty much summarizing our weekend  :)



Baby Fatima


Hi Cindy,

I hope all is well with you. I so appreciated our visit last February. You have made an incredible impact on our lives


With gratitude & love,