California Babymoon Massage Therapist Photo - Mellow Mommy
Cindy Scott-Fuchs has been a certified massage therapist since 1994, an infant massage instructor since 1998, a wife & mother of two. Her journey from pregnancy to motherhood led her on the path of nurturing the mother…including pre and post natal massage. She combined her professional and personal experiences to form Mellow Mommy.
Cindy has practiced massage on both of her children since their births… and has experienced first hand the amazing benefits.
Sonoma Babymoon, Infant Massage Photo - Mellow Mommy
infant massage
After experiencing the challenges of motherhood…leaving little time for “self”…Cindy designed an infant massage routine that incorporates meditation and stretching for moms called “Mellow Mommy & Me”.
Babymoon San Francisco, Mom And Child Yoga Photo - Mellow Mommy
meditating mommy
To find out more about our workshops and babymoons, contact Cindy at (707) 494-7314