DVD, class teach massage techniques for baby

 Assistant People editor

Many new moms find there are days they can’t make it out of their pajamas. The gym? In the words of Tony Soprano, “Fugetaboutit.”

Cindy Scott-Fuchs knows that struggle. And the 39-year-old mother of two decided to do something about it. Scott-Fuchs, a certified massage therapist since 1994 and an infant massage instructor since 1998, took what she knows best and developed her own program that benefits both mother and child.

Her “Mellow Mommy and Me” DVD incorporates meditation, yoga and strengthening exercises for “mommy” with a massage routine for “me,” me being the baby.

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article in “Woman’s Ways”

From the moment a couple finds out that they’re pregnant, though they are very much in this together the roles they play take them to different paths. Although they are embarking on one of life’s most joyful magical journeys, most couples experience disconnection with each other along the way.

One key factor to the disconnection is all the worrying ….each partner having different concerns The expectant mother worries about the changes her body will take and the aches that accompany her growing body…not to mention the fear of a painful labor and birth….and worries about the health of the baby. The father is preoccupied about the responsibilities of providing not only financial, but emotional support for mom. (Sometimes this is not so easy…with all her needs). All the worrying leads to one thing….STRESS…..physical and emotional …which can have an even greater impact in the future.

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