Seize the moment, Embrace and Preserve this sacred time by creating your own BELLY CAST!
contents of bellycasting kit
What better way to celebrate the miracle of life than to capture this time of transformation with a 3-D keepsake!
A belly cast is a great way to share the memory of pregnancy with your children. It also helps them to truly visualize where they began, and feel a connection & understanding of the “mother/child bond”.
Make the process a memorable experience in itself! Creating a belly cast with your best friends helps “spice up” a baby shower or make it with your partner for a more intimate shared experience. If you have other children, include them for early sibling bonding.
The casting is fun, easy…and takes less than an hour. After it dries (about 48 hrs.) , You can enjoy decorating it anyway you choose… paint, a letter to your baby, ultrasound photographs, hand prints/photos of baby, UNLIMITED CHOICES!!!
Our creative packaging makes the Mellow Mommy Belly Casting Kit an adorable unique baby shower gift!
Belly Casting Kit (front)
Belly Casting Kit (back)
Our kits are easy to use & contain everything needed to make a perfect belly cast, including pampering “goodies” for the mommy-to-be.
This fun, easy to use kit contains:
  • plaster cast material (4 rolls 4×5 yards )
  • lavender scented non-petroleum jelly (4 oz.)
  • drop cloth (for easy clean up)
  • sanding screen
  • gesso (8 oz.)
  • paint brush
  • herbal bath bag (to pamper mom after casting)
  • detailed instructions & photo ideas for a perfect cast
Mellow Mommy Belly Casting Kit