Infant Massage… a fun, easy way to connect & bond with a new baby. Being a new mom… getting out of the house in time for a scheduled class… not so fun & easy!!! Mellow Mommy LLC is proud to offer new moms the convenience of learning new skills… on their own schedule…without leaving home! Our innovative new infant massage routine, “Mellow Mommy & Me”, is now available on DVD.
The “Mellow Mommy & Me” routine was designed to help relax both baby and mom.
The DVD is step by step… easy to follow & divided into sections… so you can work at your own pace.
mom stretching while applying massage stroke to baby
Our creative original routine incorporates infant massage with yoga, meditation & strengthening exercises for moms.
mom working on her abs while increasing baby’s word recognition
The DVD also includes a “fun exercise” section to help strengthen both baby & mom.
infant massage
  • relieves gas & colic
  • promotes deeper bonding
  • enhances self confidence
  • stimulates circulatory, respiratory, & gastrointestinal functions
Special thanks to Jesse Kalu for providing the native bamboo melodies… from his CD “One in Spirit” … recorded in Sedona, Arizona. available here
The dvd makes a perfect baby shower gift…one of the most beneficial gifts for a new mom!
Mellow Mommy and Me DVD