Aromatherapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Postnatal, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Polarity, Indian Scalp, Acupressure, Foot Treatments, Warm Stone, Meditation

 Offering 24 years experience to give COMPLETE REJUVENATION from head to toe.  Massage sessions start with a short guided meditation & include a unique healing blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish & Balancing Energy Work, along with luxurious spa treatments to RELAX your Body, Mind & Spirit.


Mobile Spa / travel to you   

  • $120.00 / 60 minute
  • $135.00 / 75 minute
  • $149.00 / 90 minute

Add-on's to 75 or 90 minute sessons / $20.00 each:

  • Reiki Mini Facial - Lavender infused steam , Herbal Cleanser, Indian Clay Mask, Coconut Oil facial massage with Reiki Energy Work.
  • Herbal Foot Wrap - Invigorating Peppermint balm on reflexology points, Herbal Infused Steam Foot Wrap, Warm Foot Reflexology Stones followed by revitalizing foot massage.
  • Thai Head Massage - Warm Oils and spices are massaged gently but firmly onto the scalp and specific acupressure points to alleviate stress, stimulate the body to heal itself and deliver complete sense of relaxation.
  • Hot Stone Massage - Hot stones added to massage deepen relaxation & pressure ... pure BLISS.
  • Spa Sampler - Experience a sample blend from head to toe featuring a sampling ofluxurious add-ons: Herbal Foot Steam with Warm Foot Reflexology Stones, Lavender Facial Steam with Rejuvenating Reiki Facial Massage & Invigorating Peppermint Scalp Massage.     

"BALANCE" ... Energy Work (Reiki, Shiatsu & Polarity) can help unblock the body's energetic pathways and support your natural healing process ...  giving an overall sense of well being & BALANCE. Often clients say they feel mentally & physically "realigned" after a session.

* Mellow Mommy Signature Prenatal Pampering: 90 minute healing blend of Prenatal Massage with Balancing Energy Work, Reiki Mini facial, Herbal Foot Wrap, Warm Foot Reflexology Stones & Blissful Scalp Massage PLUS: "Mellow Mommy & Me" Infant Massage Video Download / $189.00 (mobile spa) /


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Very Intuitive

 "I liked Cindy right away - she's got a very positive energy and is very inspiring.  She absolutely loves what she does and is very intuitive during the massage session - she read my body, could sense where it needed more work and her massage was deep and gentle at the same time.  One of the best massages I've ever gotten!  And I consider myself a "massage snob", so that's speaking a lot! "

- Alma H. / Concord, CA

A Gifted Healer

"Our private massages in the cabin where the cherry on top to a fantastic weekend. Cindy is a gifted healer and energy-worker. Austin and I wish all the best and much success in your business!"

- Carmen P. / Santa Cruz, CA

Radiates positive Energy

"Cindy is a very kind spirit who radiates her positive energy through her massages. The atmosphere she provides is soothing to the soul and the touch is relaxing & rejuvenating. She is open to guidance for an optimum experience which leaves you floating on your way!"

- Kelli & Dave S. / San Francisco, CA