Becoming a new mom is both rewarding and exciting, but the experience also comes with its share of challenges. Managing those challenges requires a significant amount of inner fortitude, patience, and presence of mind, and therefore taking the time for self-nourishment is vital. But with a new baby, it’s often difficult to find the time to recharge your energy.

Prenatal Mommy Workshops

meditating mommy
Our prenatal workshops at Mellow Mommy were created by a certified massage therapist to help expectant moms find ways to fit relaxation and self-care into their busy schedules. Workshop participants learn meditation, deep breathing, and stretching techniques that will help keep you relaxed and centered when faced with the challenges that new motherhood often brings.
In the second segment of the workshop, participants learn our innovative “Mellow Mommy and Me” infant massage technique, which incorporates yoga, meditation, and strength-training exercises for moms. Participants work with a baby doll to get hands-on training for this technique, and at the end of the workshop, each mom-to-be receives a bottle of sweet almond oil and a DVD refresher to help her remember what she learned.
mellow mommy workshop


Benefits of Infant Massage

Studies show that infant massage offers a number of benefits both for baby and mom. Massage has been shown to stimulate circulatory and digestive systems, which helps control colic and gas. It relieves muscle tension and anxiety, improving sleep patterns and reducing stress hormones.
infant massage
Infant massage also promotes muscle development, coordination, and balance, as well as mind and body awareness. Additionally, infant massage helps build a secure bond between baby and parent, and it helps your child develop trust and confidence that he or she is loved, valued, and protected.
If you are on the journey to new motherhood, let Mellow Mommy show you how to bond with your baby through infant massage and make self-care a daily habit. Sign up for one of our prenatal workshops today.