Written by Cindy Scott-Fuchs, (a.k.a. “The Babymoon Master” from Travel & Leisure magazine), prenatal life & wellness coach and founder of The Mellow Mommy Method of Manifesting, The Babymoon Book for Pregnant Couples can help you manifest the meaningful family life of your dreams.


The Babymoon Book

for pregnant couples

Designed for expecting couples, this book aims to help you:

  • Form a rock-solid bond with one another

  • Clear your fears and be present to fully enjoy the birth process

  • Tap into your higher wisdom and discover your soul’s purpose

What Is The Babymoon Book?

Many couples schedule a babymoon during pregnancy. This special vacation allows parents-to-be to relax and fully enjoy their time alone together before adding a new member to their family unit. If you've been considering a babymoon, this book is designed to be your companion to turn a beautiful vacation into a soul-affirming journey. It helps you to focus and manifest the dreams you have for your family while serving as a gorgeous keepsake of this special time.

Benefits of a “Mellow Mommy Babymoon”:

When you plan your babymoon with Mellow Mommy in Sonoma County, you can take advantage of exclusive services that nourish your mind, body, spirit, and connection with your partner. Just a few of our curated offerings include the following:

  • Signature prenatal pampering in-room massage, an elevated 90-minute experience

  • 75-minute partner massage

  • Downloadable infant massage resource video

  • Balancing energy work with aromatherapy

  • Peppermint Thai shiatsu head massage

  • Herbal foot wrap with warm reflexology stones

  • Reiki mini-facial

  • Individual or group prenatal coaching session

  • Mellow Mommy Inspiration Cards

The Babymoon Book is included with our babymoon packages. If you're unable to visit us before your little one arrives, or if you'd like to purchase a copy for your expecting friends or family, buy our book online!

“…a sweet, simple guide to help couples strengthen their connection. A must-have for all pregnant couples.”

Jennifer Read Hawthorne, co-author, #1 New York Times best seller Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

Learn research proven techniques to promote a healthy birth process & parenthood…

be the healers of your family!

#3 copy copy.jpg

“…insightful and inspiring tips for mindful parenting…as an

OB/Gyn physician and meditation & mindfulness teacher, I am so pleased to recommend it!”

Mona Saint MD, MPH, Chopra Center Physician / Master Educator, Clinical Instructor, UCSD School of Medicine / MonaSaint.com

Makes a PERFECT Baby Shower Gift… a meaningful keepsake that truly makes a difference!


Take this activity book on your Babymoon…

& plant the seeds for a meaningful family life of your dreams—it’s within your reach!

Embrace the magic…

You’ll gain something of true value to your future family when you OPEN yourself to the infinite possibilities.

The Babymoon Book
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I can’t wait to share this experience with you! :-)

proud moment! on route home from picking up the first shipment of the babymoon book! :-)

proud moment! on route home from picking up the first shipment of the babymoon book! :-)

I just have to share a personal bit about this “selfie” taken on my “solo” coastal road-trip to Oregon to pick up my books…quite a significant validating moment in my life—what this book is all about…”manifesting your dreams” (whatever that means to YOU)!

epic drive—California’s redwood coast…you must visit this place! :-)

epic drive—California’s redwood coast…you must visit this place! :-)

…The beach in the background is the same beach my husband, Trip, & I camped on 23 years ago!!! We were on a road trip from Louisiana. He had just proposed…we were so in love (with each other and Northern California)! It was there that we began planting the seeds for our “future family life of our dreams”…we just knew we wanted to live in that scenic landscape. Flash forward to now, living our dream…(took risks, discovered our soul’s purpose, created our work, living where we love)! It hasn’t been all roses, challenges happen, that part of life!…but, we’ve managed to manifest an abundant family life. I want the same for you.

I truly feel called to make a difference in your lives! :-) My hopes are that you manifest the ABUNDANT FAMILY LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS…The Babymoon Book will help you get there!